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Cell phones as a learning tool in schools…

December 12, 2008

The blog site that got me thinking about this was this one. What if cell phones were used in school as a tool rather than a distraction?  Here is my argument… When I was school teachers did not have to worry about cell phone texting. Instead we used notes, and yet even though our teachers knew that we were passing notes our teachers did not take paper away. Instead they taught us how to write more appropriately and as my classmates and I grew up notes became less and less of an issue.
Are cell phones the notes of today’s generation? Do we dare teach them how to use their phones to communicate appropriately? Think of all the things phones could be used for in class! photos, blog posting and responding, calling people in the community for information on resources or projects, use of the internet. Whole courses could be, and have been, run via the cell phone. Are we missing out on utilizing technology in class that all most every student has already with them 24/7? Instead of sitting on our hands and turning our brains off with the cell phone issue by saying “no”, we need to flip the switch and turn our brains on by asking “how”?

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