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Cell Phones in Class Part II

February 28, 2009

This is a follow up to an idea in a previous post about students using cell phones in class as a learning tool.  While the idea may be a bit outside of the box it turns out that the idea is in no way original.  In listening to a podcast called twenty minutes for tech. I heard about a teacher in Pennsylvania who uses cell phone technology as a part of his regular class.  The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a bill that will ban the use of mobile technology in classrooms.  This would include everything from cell phones to laptops.  We’ll have to wait and see if this bill passes the state senate.  In speaking about the use of technology the teacher from PA discusses some fantastic open source tools that can equip cell phones for use in the classroom.  Here are some of those tools.

G-cast Say you’re  doing a study of the biodiversity around the school  and you want students to record any observations they make.  Dial a toll free number, know a class password, follow the voice commands and you’re in.  Students can instantly create their own podcast through their cell phone and have a live feed posted on a blog or website.

textmarks Students can text a class keyword to 41411 and receive class updates, such as homework assignment reminders or even a whole assignment.

poll everywhere Let’s say you are in class and want students to answer a multiple choice question.  Previously the only way to have instant visible results would be to use clicker software.  Clickers are all well and good but why not save money and use cell phones as the clickers.  Most students already have them in their pockets anyway.  WHY NOT USE THE TECHNOLOGY THEY ALREADY KNOW HOW TO USE!

Are there classrooms that have used cell phones in classYou betcha.

Anyone out there currently using cell phones in their class? Leave a reply let me know how.

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