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KC Tech Net Conference

February 12, 2010

Today I did my first presentation to a group of educators on technology use in the classroom. You can access the presentation yourself in the previous post. Things I learned from presenting today…
1. I can do this
2. I know things that other people want to know. I guess I just assumed that people already knew the stuff I knew or if they wanted to they could figure it out… neither of these assumptions are always true
3. teaching people older and more experienced than you is only as intimidating as you make it.
4. Everyone has their own flavor of teaching, when those flavors are mixed it’s pretty sweet.

New web tools to look into
ipadio- my woes of g-cast charging for their phone casting service are over. I can now make use of my commute again by creating podcasts in the car using my cell phone.

vocaroo- Mindless voice recording. click mouse, talk, click mouse, DONE a link is created of your recording that can be copy and pasted anywhere. So easy a caveman can do it.

voicethread– conversations in any form around media of any type. WOW

Screenr and ScreenToaster– Powerful free screen recording. I have used Jing before but I’ll be interested to see how these compare

Turns your iPod Touch or iPhone into a mouse pad like all these web programs and apps this one is free. This only received 3 stars on iTunes App store but I think it is great!

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