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May 30, 2010

Race to the top is a 4.3 billion dollar initiative for states to create innovative change in the educational system. Of all of the states that have applied only two have won any money yet. Those states are Delaware and Tennessee. Both of these states changed state laws and created a plan that ties teacher salary in charter schools to student performance. Missouri did not win anything in the first round of applications. But, never fear Missouri has come up with a “new curriculum” for pre-k through high school that will change education in Missouri… SERIOUSLY! First of all a new curriculum is not going to change anything if it’s not taught by teachers who are on board with it and 67.4% is not enough. Tennessee and Delaware had a much higher percentage. New curriculum? innovative? doubtful. Maybe if it was an altered curriculum for 1 to 1 classrooms with initiatives from the state to implement 1 to 1 into schools. Maybe then a curriculum would make a difference. Missouri is going to have to think outside of the box if they want a chance at this, and they are going to have to get a LOT more educators involved. Majority may work in presidential elections, but it is not going to work in getting a chunk of change for educational reform from the national government. Ironic? maybe… but, come on Missouri let’s study success so that we can be successful. We should have learned that lesson after the blunder of buying into the MAP test.

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