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1st international visitor, video chat, and OLPC

January 19, 2009

5 months ago in August I started this blog. Now my blog has reached someone overseas! This is nothing short of amazing and it just goes to show how small the world is getting with the tools of communication that are on the internet. Imagine bringing someone from another country into our classrooms via google video chat all they need is a gmail email address. There is one teacher in Liberty MO who has already brought in a guest speaker via gmail video chat. Check it out.

Also I have been fascinated with the one laptop per child project. Tech gurus out of M.I.T. have designed a $100 laptop that runs on linux This small but mighty computer is being sent overseas to places where quality education has been impossible. What if schools in the U.S. started using these laptops and communicating with these children overseas! Not only would school districts save thousands of dollars and make “one-to -one computing” more of a possibility but it would open up SO many doors and allow our students the opportunity to see what lies beyond the classroom.
Here is a youtube video that will give you a better idea of one laptop per child

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